The Acts of the Apostles portrays Jesus’ followers from their days with the risen Jesus in Jerusalem to Paul’s mission in Rome. Initial chapters focus on the life of the early community of believers in Jerusalem and the work of the Holy Spirit among them. Called, inspired, and even driven by the Holy Spirit, the apostles spread the gospel throughout northern Mediterranean lands. The story of Paul’s call to spread the news of Jesus is the central emphasis of the second half of Acts. The final verse of Acts summarizes the book’s themes: welcome of all, bold proclamation and teaching about the kingdom of God, and God’s plan as unstoppable.

Rich Jones - Associate Pastor
Speaker Rich Jones — Associate Pastor

Weekend Messages

Acts 12 God is Good 02/24/2019 View
Acts 16:16-34 Purpose in Your Position 11/15/2020 View
Acts 1:1-11 Empowered for a Purpose 06/06/2021 View
Acts 1:8-11 Walking as Witnesses 06/13/2021 View
Acts 1:12-26 Determined in Devotion 07/04/2021 View
Acts 2:1-21 Empowered to Proclaim 07/11/2021 View
Acts 2:22-39 Turn to Jesus 07/18/2021 View
Acts 2:42-47 The Picture to Pursue 08/01/2021 View
Acts 3:1-16 Truth for a Change 08/29/2021 View
Acts 3:11-26 Truth for Your Turnaround 09/05/2021 View
Acts 4:1-22 The Truth in the Trial 09/12/2021 View
Acts 4:23-31 Boldness in Sharing 09/19/2021 View
Acts 5:17-42 Set Free to Speak the Message 10/24/2021 View
Acts 6:1-7 Committed to Keeping the Unity 10/31/2021 View
Acts 6:8-7:60 Telling the Truth That Is To Die For 11/07/2021 View