Our History

A Venture of Faith

Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational Christian church which began in 1965 in Costa Mesa, California. Calvary Chapel’s pastor, Chuck Smith became a leading figure in what has become known as the “Jesus Movement”.

It has been estimated that in a two-year period in the mid ’70s, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa had performed well over eight thousand baptisms. During that same period, they were instrumental in 20,000 conversions to the Christian faith.

Today, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, the church which only had twenty-five members has established more than twelve hundred affiliate Calvary Chapels across the world.. It is one of the largest Protestant churches in the United States.

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Amazed by God's Faithfulness

Amazed by God's Faithfulness

Calvary Chapel Community Church is a non-denominational church located in the South Beaverton/Tigard area. In the summer of 2013, the Lord began to move upon the hearts of Pastor Samuel Wilson and Pastor Rich Jones from Calvary Chapel Hillsboro to plant a church in the Beaverton area. As they prayed and trusted the Lord, the vision for this new ministry was met with great faith and monthly meetings began taking place with those who also felt called to partner with the ministry in Beaverton.

From the fall of 2013 to the winter 2014, monthly meetings and pre-launch gatherings were initiated where ministry teams and our new community would begin form.

In May, 2014, the Beaverton Campus was officially launched at Southridge High School. From the start, God confirmed this was His plan as we saw His continued blessings poured out on the new work. We began as mobile church, and would set-up our services in the Southridge High School theater auditorium weekly. Additionally, we had an office location on 217 and Canyon Road where we were able to host youth group and Bible studies!

In September 2016, the door was opened for us to move into our current facility on Nimbus Avenue. This opened door was an opportunity for us to have a place to call “home” and for the Lord to continue in the establishment of the church.

As the church and ministry continued to grow, Calvary Chapel Community Church became an independent church under the leadership of Pastor Samuel Wilson in 2018. This set off the next season of ministry for Calvary Chapel Community Church.

With great appreciation for our beginning, we look forward to the future, knowing that it is the Lord who will establish our ministry and steps as we continually rely upon Him. Anchored by a heart to preach the good news of Jesus and make Him known in our world, we proceed in faith, knowing that He is faithful in all things.